A Little Alone Time and… Yoga

Today was the first day of school. Most parents are happy when the kids go back to school. Everybody sets back into the routine and tasks that you didn’t have time for during the busy summer start to get them. This morning when I went to the gym by myself I felt a little bit lonely. I grown accustomed to the singing and laughing that me and my children shared every day. I guess you could say I missed them. On the other hand it was nice to have some alone time. 🙂


This morning I joined the RPM group at the gym. I was a little worried because my hamstrings are really tight from yesterday’s workout. I always feel straight leg deadlifts for three or four days after I get them. The class was find out. I sweat a lot and got my legs pumped. It felt really good.

After the class was over, I was walking by the schedule, and noticed that a yoga class was about to start. I thought about trying yoga for a while now. It seems like a good way to gain some extra flexibility for Brazilian jujitsu. So “what the heck”, I thought “I’m just going to try.”

I have to say it was pretty hard. Some of my muscles were cramping a little bit but I got a really good full body stretch. I was a little discouraged that there were no other men in the class. I thought I would feel embarrassed amongst the flexible ladies. However everyone just kept to themselves and focused on their own tasks. I’m not sure if I keep going but it was definitely worthwhile trying.

3 thoughts on “A Little Alone Time and… Yoga”

  1. Great that you miss your kids mean your are a great parent even better that you take care of your body and workout too. I am trying to get on the workout bandwagon again. Got sidetracked with pain management of my foot injury but need to keep up with my kiddos so its off to my walking and weights again! I only go to gyms in winter I love the outdoors 😀

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