Improving The Gas Tank

Blue To Black

One of the BIGGEST flaws that (until a month ago) was holding my game back, was MY CARDIO… In Grade School, I was always that kid that struggled to finish a mile long run… Fast Forward the clock nearly 15 years, it was still a lingering disability that I had finally decided to do something about. Tonight in class after 5x 7 minute rolls, I felt like I could roll another 10 and it was an AMAZING feeling….

Before, I get into what I’ve been doing to improve my cardio, I can assure you that (although results will vary from person to person) you will be able to roll/spar longer! Even if its only an extra 5 minute round, that can add upto over 8.5 hours of sparring time over the course of a year (MORE then that if you train more then 2x per week… I train 6 days…

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