Always Starting Over

It seems that at least 3 or 4 times a week, I start from page one when it comes to being not fat.  Being the disgusting pig that I am, I start most days out well with healthy meals, only to end up eating crap.  For example, I had a nice egg white dish this morning for breakfast, some protein and fruit for a snack, and a chicken on wheat sanwhich for lunch.  Then, not 30 minutes ago, I ate 6 cookies.  What a jackass I am.  They were delicious by the way…

7 thoughts on “Always Starting Over”

  1. Eat the shitty stuff in the morning with your breakfast and make it a huge breakfast. You will burn these calories during your work out anyways. Then you will not feel so starved in the evening. Plus you will also feel bad so you will more than likely eat healthier at night. This works for me

  2. That must be really frustrating 😦 I can’t even imagine.

    My trainer tells me to be good in the mornings and then you can be shitty in the evenings! It’s ok, man! Don’t beat yourself up over it! 🙂

    And I’m SURE those cookies were awesome! 🙂

  3. Watch that video. It motivates me. It’s a 25 minute video with Joe Rogan, Adam Corolla and Duncan Trussell talking about depression. I see they way you talk to yourself and this is some tough love. Watch it when you are feeling down. Good stuff.

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