Guns n’ Jits

Locker room fun 09/12/2013: As I bend over to tie shoes, naked man moves in front of me and starts thoroughly drying ass crack…

Yes that just happened to me. Lol

Yesterday I planned on making my return to BJJ. It was a scheduled day off from work. However, on full overtime pay, I went to an approved shooting range for some supervised pistol practice. It was a long day, but fun. I was shooting really well too. There’s nothing like seeing a close gripping of bullet holes in a paper target. I can tell
You right now, I will never shoot anyone. I’d rather take one myself than live with the feeling of killing someone.

The plan was to go straight from shooting practice, all smelling like gun powder, to Grizzly Gym for BJJ class. I got there just as my wife was finishing her Muay Thai class.

Now, yesterday was very humid with little to no air movement. As I stepped foot inside the gym, that old familiar smell of dirty, sweaty hard work hit me like a brick. Lol. It was rough. I felt like I needs to immediately have a shower. So I changed in to my gi and got to stretching. Like I’ve said, it had been since June, so I wanted to make sure the muscles got a good stretch. In all honesty, I didn’t want to be there. I was tired and unsure if it was really worth my time and effort to get back in to it. Well, I’m the only one that showed up. I’m not sure why. It wasn’t a statutory holiday. Then the man leading the class for the evening tells me that he injured his ribs and can’t roll or do anything hard. Lol. Ok… So I tell him that there’s no point in staying and let’s just go home. He says “No. I have some stuff to show you.” So I agree and we go to the mats.

What does he proceed to show me? De La Riva stuff. Now, as a short, fat, unskilled BJJ white belt, I have no business learning this stuff. It was apparent pretty fast that this wasn’t going in to my game. After about 15 min of me fumbling about like an idiot, we ended the pain and went home.

Lol. I knew I should have skipped it and just went to lift weights instead…

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