Fuji Victory Gi Review

Gi Front

I have 2 of these gis. 1 blue and 1 white. They are both patched up but still seem a little visually bland to me (I know that’s not what’s important). I’ve had the blue for about 3 years and the white for just over a year. Neither are showing any signs of ware and I wash them after every use. They are very durable. The stitching is still 100%. No fraying at all.

Gi Back

The blue jacket has held its shape well and is very comfortable. The white jacket still seems stiff to me even after plenty of use and washing. As far as meeting IBJJF standards, it seems at some tournaments it easily passes and at others they warn me that it barely made it. Of course, we all know that the IBJJF is a little inconsistent at best. The only complaint that I have this gi is, because it’s so durable, I can’t justify spending any money on a new “cool” looking gi.

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