Sept 16, 2013 Training Journal

September 16, 2013

Tonight there was only 2 of us at class.  I just got home and I am in PAIN. I was twisted and torqued in every possible way. My knee hurts, my ankle hurts, my elbow hurts, my neck hurts, etc, etc.

We started off class with the usual technique drilling. First we did lock-flow #8. I think I was doing it ok. The only part that was a little choppy was the side choke. I’ll keep working on it. Next we drilled guard passing. I didn’t do well.  I’ve never been good at passing guard.  I should video myself.  I probably look like a jackass.  LOL.  The other guy has a very tight guard. He is also very good at passing. Next we drilled lock flow #5. I feel very uncomfortable with it. Probably because it requires a lot of finesse and precision.  Both of which I have little.

Next we had take down matches for 3 min. My single and double leg takedowns sucked tonight. I’m not sure why.  usually I’m pretty good at them.  I got caught in guillotines every attempt. I only had 1 successful takedown.  It was some sort of a Ma sutemi-waza…

Next we drilled lock-flows #1 and #2. They are coming along nicely. They are very basic. Then we had a 5 minute match starting from knees. I can’t even count how any times I was submitted. We finished the drilling with lock-flow #7. That was my first time learning it due to my layoff.

Finally after all the drilling we finished with a full 5 minute BJJ match. I started out ok but eventually got caught in every choke and joint lock known to man. At one point we were playing the leg lock game and I was caught in a heel hook. I didn’t quite tap quickly enough. Consequently I felt my ankle pop and my quad tightened right up above the knee joint. I’m in pain right now. Hopefully it was just strained. I still finished the match.


  • Older lock-flows are working well
  • Made it to the end of class


  • Defence was horrible
  • Wasn’t able to be aggressive and attack
  • Poor technique for single and double leg takedowns
  • Couldn’t see the most basic attacks coming at me

One thing to take away

Keep working on posture and positioning. Submissions will come with good position control.

2 thoughts on “Sept 16, 2013 Training Journal”

  1. that class sounds brutal! Progress can be measured in getting better than your personal best each time. Don’t worry about others’ progress – just keep working on your goals. Sounds like a tough workout.

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