I was planning on going to BJJ class tonight, but all too often in life, things change. I got a call from work to come in for OT. Unfortunately making extra money is a higher priority right now. I wish, like everyone else does I’m sure, it wasn’t. I’ll have to be satisfied with my morning workout at the gym. It was a good one, production copious amounts of sweat.

I have been thinking about doing a tournament in October. Part of me wants to avoid all competition because I’m embarrassed when my fellow competitors find out how long I’ve been training, and then see my on mat incompetence. There’s another part of me that really loves the competition. It’s hard to suppress that part… I don’t know what to do. It’s a while until the registration deadline. I’m sure I will flip-flop back and forth many times until then. Anyways, here’s the tourney info if anyone is interested in competing.


2 thoughts on “Indecisiveness…”

  1. Go for it. I did my first BJJ competition this year and it sucked making my “debut” as a purple. I really wished I had done it as a white or blue belt and tell the guys at my gym its better to do it early in your BJJ career than later.

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