September 19, 2013 Training Journal

September 19, 2013

I had a good workout and stretch this morning, so I felt pretty loose and prepared for BJJ tonight. I have made a decision that I want to start focusing on chokes and different set ups for chokes. I don’t want to spread my focus too thin so I’ve decided that I will work towards either a side choke, or a triangle choke.

In the past I’ve tried to muscle these techniques rather use the fundamentals. I’ve come to realize that I can squeeze my balls of all day, but if I don’t have the proper position, it’s not going to work. So from now on, when I get in that dominant position, I will take my time and let the choke happen on its own.

Drills tonight consisted of several of the Grizzly Gym lock-flows. Numbers 2, 5, 6, and 7. So thee was lots of opportunity for me to practice the triangle, both from guard and mount. Also, number 7 has a side choke in it. Bonus!

You may have noticed that I reference the lock-flows quite a bit, but have never explained them. This is because my professor requested that I don’t disclose them. Their kind of the Grizzly Gym secret curriculum.

After drills we had some good 5 minute rolls.

Match 1 Positives:
I was moving very well
My defence was very good
Attempted a Americana and triangle choke
Attacked more

Match 1 Negatives:
Got caught in an around the head toe hold
Got caught in a triangle choke

Match 2 Positives:
Moved very well against a smaller and quicker opponent
Able to stay in dominant positions
Attacked the whole match

Match 2 Negatives:
Very tired at the end
Even though in was dominating, I could get the submission

Match 3 Positives:
Moved well
Passed to dominant positions
Escaped all submission attempts

Match 3 Negatives:
Couldn’t get the submission
Tried to use strength instead of leverage several times

One thing to take away
Even though I felt lost in several position, I remained calm and relaxed and kept moving.

One thought on “September 19, 2013 Training Journal”

  1. You wouldn’t think that I would know all this lingo but—my 3 kids all do JiuJitsu—and my 10-year-old is a beast–nice and polite, but moves like water on the mat! We have more samurai swords (1st place trophies) in our house than we know what to do with šŸ™‚

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