Spartacus Workout

My knee is still a little swollen but it’s coming down nicely. I felt like I needed to put it through its paces today, just to see… It held up ok. Hopefully it doesn’t swell back up. I did a medium to hard bike at the gym and then followed it up with (only) 2 rounds of the Men’s Health Spartacus workout. Me so sweaty… The plan is to give it a go at BJJ on Thursday. I’m working evening shift anyways, so I can’t make it sooner than that.

I’ve been eating like crap as usual so no progress on the body. Oh well.

5 thoughts on “Spartacus Workout”

  1. sounds like you are doing really well on your workout routine… when you do start to take the nutrition side as seriously as you are taking the martial arts/workouts you are gonna see amazing results. Keep up the good work!

    1. I doubt I’ll ever be able to make myself eat tasteless food. I like to know that I’ve eaten when I burp. lol.

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