September 26, 2013 Training Journal

September 26, 2013

5 people at class tonight. The usuals plus one new guy. He has wrestling experience and he was a high school football player. It was his second BJJ class. I can say with confidence that when the light switch flips for him, he’s going to be good.

Lock flow #8 is coming along really well. It’s possibly my favorite. The final move was added at the end tonight; the Peruvian necktie. I have never attempted one in any match. It was new to me, and I felt a bit lost, but I’ll get it. I’m determined to make chokes my thing.

Speaking of making chokes my thing, the arm triangle was working well for me tonight. I managed to get 3 taps with it. I missed it one other time but that was due to rushing. I’m just going to keep it.

4 rounds of sparring tonight.

Round 1 Positives:
-Inexperienced opponent allowed me to focus on technique and really take my time
-Able to sweep bigger, stronger opponent with ease
-Good focus on setting up submissions rather than muscling them

Round 1 Negatives:
-A little sloppy on takedown defense

Round 2 Positives:
-Moving well
-Good sweeps and set ups
-Stayed relaxed and avoided danger

Round 2 Negatives:
-Tried to rush submissions a few times
-With a faster opponent went back to muscling sometimes

Round 3 Positives:
-Set up a prefect head and arm on a higher level opponent
-Stayed relaxed when in danger
-Only choked out twice

Round 3 Negatives:
-Rushed the Oma plata so opponent rolled out
-Waited to be attacked
-Tried too much to muscle a stronger opponent

Round 4 Positives:
-Moved from disadvantage to advantage well
-Double leg takedown was on
-Threatened several submissions

Round 4 Negatives:
-Very tired
-Rushed several submission attempts

When I focus on few rather than many things, I am able to execute my plan more effectively.

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