I went to BJJ last night feeling pretty good.  We started off with a kind of shark bait/takedown warmup.  Basically we had takedown (of any kind) matches.  When someone was clearly taken down, they were declared the loser.  The loser stayed in until they weren’t the loser anymore.  There were a couple of new people who did not participate, so there were 4 of us that went for 10 min.  Sweaty…  We all had our share of wins.  There were double legs, single legs, body locks, arm drags, the “Northern Lights Suplex”, and a scissor attempt.  It was good fun.

We went in to drilling the armbar from guard, to triangle, to oma plata sequence.  Everything was going well.  I was working smoothly and taking my time to ensure proper technique.  Then, for no apparent reason, whist executing the triangle with right ankle behind left knee, my left knee popped.  It immediately started hurting.  I stopped of course.  For some reason, I couldn’t straighten it.  It was like it was locked at a 90 degree angle.  When I tried to straighten it, there was a lot of pain.

I put ice on it right away and went to the side of the mats.  Nobody really seemed that interested…  Nice… Anyways, I sat there and started to work it out.  Finally I said “fuck it” and force straightened it.  There was a clunk inside like everything was realigning and the pain immediately subsided.  “Queer and unusual”, I thought to myself.

I didn’t go back to the mats.  I went home to ice it.  Nobody even said goodbye.  lol.  That’s ok.  I know I am insignificant.  Anyways, there was little swelling this morning so I think it’s ok.  Maybe there is some meniscus folded over or something.  Maybe it was a slight dislocation…  I have no idea really.  I told my wife it was a dislocation because that’s totally what it felt like.  I made a Dr appointment for Monday.  I’ll get him to send me to a specialist.  If it feels ok tomorrow, I’ll go back to the mats…  Might as well.

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