October 9, 2013 Training Journal

Gi class tonight. I’ve never felt 100% comfortable in a gi. maybe it’s because I can’t escape as easily. Tonight we practiced the latest Grizzly Gym Lockflow which has been specifically tailored for a gi. There are a couple of them like that, where you can do them nogi, but the techniques make more sense to use in a gi. I know most schools have designated gi and nogi slots, but we do not. It’s kind of given that you bring your gi and shorts to every class. Every now and then we will get a text or an email giving us a heads up, but usually it’s a gamble.

Drills stated with Lockflow #9. All gi chokes basically. Something I rarely use in my attacks (except maybe the cross collar choke). I felt a bit awkward, but after several repetitions, started sinching them in really tight. Next we drilled Lockflow #1. I haven’t done that in a really long time. I’m surprised I remembered it all. It was fairly smooth. Next we drilled lockflow #4. I’ve gotten really good at this if I do say so myself. Basically its a bunch of different Kimuras. I like Kimuras, except when they’re done to me. Finally we drilled Lockflow #8. I got to practice my side choke. It’s still my goal to finish it 100% of the time when I get it locked, so any practicing it fits right in to my plan. The whole Lockflow is coming along very nicely.

The one thing that I worked on through all the Lockflows and all the drills was to keep my position tight, take my time, and not leave any gaps. It was working well. I took my time and focused knowing that speed will come with time.

There were 4 of us on the mats, so we had 3 5 minute rounds of rolling each.

Match 1 Positives:
I hit a great single leg takedown.
Had several sweeps
Was moving well

Match 1 Negatives:
There were several times when I didn’t know how to defend myself
Got caught in a couple of armbars that I saw coming but couldn’t stop

Match 2 Positives:
Moving very well
Several sweeps
Turned danger in to attacks

Match 2 Negatives:
Very tired
Gave up positions that I shouldn’t have
Couldn’t finish several submission attempts

Match 3 positives
Patient and methodic with a bigger stronger opponent
Defended all takedown attempts
Patience paid off in terms of submission

Match 3 Negatives:
Very tired
Caught flat on my back on occasion

Patience and taking time with technique is paying off.

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