Been A Hard Week

My body is sore.  A good sore though.  The kind of sore where you know that the hard work is going to make a difference.  I’ve also been very carefully watching the food I consume.  My wife and I are in a little mini challenge for the month of November.  It’s been hard at times, but I think it will pay off.

I have been working hard for several things:

1. Ontario Provincial Jiu Jitsu Championships – Run by the OJA, this will be my final tournament of 2013.  I don’t have any weight top lose, in fact, I may be able to drop to a lower division without too much effort if things keep going the way they are.  I’m not trying for it, but if by the time I register, I meet the requirement, of course I will sign up for it.

2. Ski Trip To Whistler – I need to make sure that I am in tip-top condition for this.  I plan on skiing very hard.  I wouldn’t want something stupid like being out of shape to hinder my fun.  Also, with my knees in a state of disrepair, I can only assume that the less mass I have for them to carry as I rocket down the mountain side, the better off I’ll be.

3. BJJ Blue Belt – One day after I get back from Whistler (Dec 16), I will test fo my BJJ Blue Belt.  Phew.  It’s been a long time coming.  I need to make sure I am prepared.  There are still several things that I need to drill, drill, and drill.  I will need to make sure I make all the classes that I can.  I would be mortified if I didn’t pass the test.

So this week I didn’t spend too much time doing heavy lifting in the weight room.  My arm and abductor were still quite sore.  I still made it for workouts.  I did several RPM classes, ran, skipped, rowed, climbed stairs, yogaed, several BJJ classes, and I even made it out to Muay Thai…  The one weight workout I did this week was yesterday.  I spent my time working my upper body.  I’ll be having  little rest today and tomorrow

I can’t wait for next week.

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