Exercise Is Not That Hard…

“Exercise is not that hard, it’s all how hard you push yourself that can make it hard. You can go to the gym and pick up some 5lb dumbbells and work up a little sweat and burn some calories. That wasn’t hard now was it? Now if you really want to build up some muscles and burn some major calories then up those weights, now that was a little harder, but it didn’t kill you did it? You know how you feel after the workout though? You feel great, energized, proud of yourself, accomplished, etc.”

Taken from http://beingfit4me.wordpress.com/2013/11/09/how-can-you-not-love/  Check it out!

5 thoughts on “Exercise Is Not That Hard…”

  1. Man, I know its true. I’m in the midst of a diet and exercise kick – but have defaulted to cardio instead of hitting the weights at all… which I know is completely stupid. I’m working myself up to doing them though – I’ll get there – this is a great reminder to maybe just start small and work into it more over time.

  2. I agree with boxer114, I think it’s all about attitude, exercise and Fitness requires positive attitude, and healthy people require fitness. Fitness is just like breakfast, needs to be a part of daily life. Without your health, what else do you have?

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