Coming Up

On December 16, 2013 I will be testing for my Blue Belt in BJJ. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I want to say that I think I will be successful, but you never know. I’ve received the test curriculum and the main thing I see as being a problem, is remembering all the techniques. Let me explain…

At Grizzly Gym, our focus is on lock flows rather than 1 technique at a time. Each lock flow consists of 10 steps which may include takedowns, positions, sweeps, and submissions. They are done in a sequence so that they “flow” together nicely. There are 9 lock flows to memorize. It’s not the individual techniques that I will have a problem with but remembering individual flows and the order of that techniques when Mike says, “Anthony, show me lock flow # 7 on the right side.” I’ll have to print them out and memorize the list (including their correct names) like it’s a highschool project.

We also have to show some independent learning by demonstrating a takedown and submission that we have learned on our own.  No candidate may do the same as another, and it may not be a technique in the current list of lock flows.

I am sure that there will be some rolling as well.  Most tests have rolling or sparring.  I wonder if this would be enough to cause me to fail.  I can execute the techniques with accuracy when drilling, but throw me in a match and more often than not, I don’t follow what has been drilled in to me 1000 times.  Some people are good at the theory and bad at the application…  That’s me.

I have a tournament coming up this weekend.  My last at white belt if things go well.  I feel that because of this, I am under a lot of pressure to perform.  Like nothing will be acceptable but the gold.  I am going to try my hardest and make a real effort to use what I have learned.

3 thoughts on “Coming Up”

  1. Hey man, you’ve been training all this time. Don’t sweat it. Just trust in your jiu-jitsu. This is just a chance to showcase all of your skills.
    Those lock flows sound interesting. Haven’t heard of jiu-jitsu being taught like that before. Break a leg! (or don’t)
    Oss! See you on the mat.

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