Every little thing in my life reminds me of skiing.  Paintings on the wall of my house, my passwords both at work and on my blog, my facebook likes, my twitter, my instagram, podcasts I listen to, the blogs I follow, the brand names of my various jackets, my sunglasses, the Christmas presents I bought, the pictures on my phone…  I just got my new equipment all tuned up and it’s ready to go at my house.

Well, Ive deleted my facebook, twitter, and instagram.  I’m not going to come on here as much.  I don’t have anything uplifting or insirational to say.  If I can, I’ll change all my passwords.  That’s going to take a while.  I gues I might as well sell all my equipment.  I feel bad for my kids.  They’ve caught the bug. My wife could take it or leave it so I know she won’t take them.  I guess I can take them and put them in lessons and then just sit in the lodge.  Oh my God, that would be torture…

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