Pick Your Passion By Ross Enamait

“What I do in the gym is for me and only me.” – Ross Enamait
Source: http://www.rosstraining.com/articles/pickyourpassion.html

What say you fellow bloggers, BJJ players, Muay Thai fighters, skiers, snowboarders, gym rats, crossfitters, introverts, extroverts, etc, etc?  Regale my with your inspirational comments relating to the quote above.  Do you strongly agree, agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree, disagree, or strongly disagree?

4 thoughts on “Pick Your Passion By Ross Enamait”

  1. I think you may workout for the good of your own health, better looking physique, more energy and better attitude in life but society benefits from you working out with less sick days for your employer, less visits to doctors and hospitals so you lessen the strain on the health care system. Then everybody around you benefits as well with your energy, enthusiasm and good body image you inspire others to also workout and do good things for their health. 🙂

  2. I do it because it forces me to eat but since I’ve fallen in love with strength I find more and more I do it because it is simply who I am. A benefit (but not my reason) is that I have inspired girls and women to develop and embrace their strength as well.

  3. Your blog topics are right up my alley man. I’ve been a huge fan of Ross for some time now. He always has a good message and lives what he talks about. Subbed for future awesomeness.

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