BJJ 2K14 Finally Begins



Well I finally got my first training in of 2014.  It was also my first training as Faixa Azul.  It was nogi but I couldn’t help but wear my gi.  I had to tie that belt up.  Nobody seemed to mind.  Also, it was super cold in the gym.  The gi was a tool for warmth. 🙂

Tonight I will be teaching my first ever BJJ class.  I’m not new to teaching a group, or even teaching martial arts for that matter.  I’ve been teaching people to ski for 20 years now.  I’ve also taught Muay Thai for the last 5 years.  I used to lead a submission wrestling group from time to time, but since I’ve started training BJJ, I’ve sat back, kept my mouth shut, and tried to learn.

I loaded up on the fat over the Christmas/New Year holidays.  If feels pretty good to be back in a routine.  I feel the hunger pains though.  LOL  I’m craving those carbs and sugars.  I’ll get past that soon I’m sure.  I’m craving my first tournament for 2014.

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