Arm Drags, Arm Drags, and More Arm Drags

Arm Drag to Back

Last night we worked on…  wait for it… ARM DRAGS!  What a useful skill to drill.  Generally I don’t use them too much in my game.  Why not?  After working them from many different positions (including several that I’d never thought of), I see how useful they are.  Quite often I use them from standing to start my attack.  The arm drag to single leg or high crotch is a favorite of mine.  I totally see the value of adding them to bottom half guard, 4 points, butterflies, and the list goes on.

While rolling, I saw so many opportunities to drag the arm and gain dominant position.  Also, I could see myself being open to them and was able to defend against it more effectively.  I can tell you this, I will start every position for a while by attempting some sort of arm drag.  If I’m successful, great.  If I’m not, I’ll move on.  Thanks PJ!

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