Help me With This

Injured Elbow
Injured Elbow

I need your help fellow BJJers.  If you are a doctor or physiotherapist as well, chime in.  I have this long-lasting injury.  I’ve talked about it before.  It’s REALLY starting to tick me off…

On October 30, 2013 I was arm barred.  I did not tap in time.  It wasn’t as though I was trying to prove something.  I just thought I could escape.  WRONG!  I felt the pop and the sharp pain of hyper-extension.  There was no damage to the joint as far as I could tell.  I iced it and took a bit of ibuprofen.  Now…  This is where the nagging injury comes in.  Look at the picture above.  I am pointing to th spot on my forearm where I am in pain.  When I lift things, and not even weights, I get sharp, cramping pain in this spot.  It has also affected my ability to grip the gi.

Now obviously because I am a man, I can’t possibly go to the doctor for something like this.  Instead, I’m asking people whom I have never met, to tell me what to do.  🙂

What do you thing?  Suggestions?  Don’t say, “go to the doctor”.

9 thoughts on “Help me With This”

  1. Treat it like a tennis elbow injury. Wear a brace when doing activities that agitate it. Ice and ibuprofen, as you know, are good. Use a tennis ball to roll the muscles from the forearm toward the elbow, “toward the heart,” like a mild massage. That is what my chiropractor instructed me.

    A gym owner friend of mine SWEARS by doing push-ups on tennis balls to help alleviate this issue.

    And follow my blog if you aren’t. 😉

  2. possibly lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow). I’m a pta and was taught to massage away from the heart so idk what that chiropractor teaches people but for lateral epicondylitis we use ice massage to numb the tendon then message the tendon back and forth (east and west) to break up the adherence.

  3. Oh and massage towards the heart I read what the 1st post said backwards and it messed me up ha. But there are times you massage towards and sometimes away. But the second video is what i was taking about the friction massage.

  4. Sounds like your radiohumeral joint dislocated at the time of injury. Is there any pain at the outer tip of the elbow on the bone. Or you have radial tunnel syndrome. Sounds unlikely to be tennis elbow.

    1. There is no pain on the outer tip of the elbow. When I pick something up, regardless of how light it is, it feels like a severe cramp in the forearm muscle.

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