I updated my competition record on the BJJ page.  I took the time to look at it and reflect on the wins and losses.  So at white belt I went 14-33-1.  LOL.  Here’s the funny part.  All but 4 of those 14 wins were at in-house tournaments.  So they were people I’ve rolled with a million times.  I know their strengths and weaknesses.

I started out at blue belt going 0-2.  I think that’s it for a while.  People say that you learn a lot from the losses and come back stronger.  As we can see, that theory does not apply to me.  I learn jack shit.  lol.  I was going to go and do the Ascension tournament on March 1-2 (last year’s was my one shining moment in an otherwise shitty season), but I decided not to.  No point in wasting the money.  Plus, I don’t feel like it.  Too bad I jumped the gun and switched shifts with a coworker.  Now I have to work shitty shifts for nothing.  sigh… At least I can keep eating deep-fried mayonnaise balls.

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