Squats n’ Half Guard

I achieved a personal best at the squat rack yesterday. 300lbs. Now, while that may not seem like a lot for many of you out there, it’s a weight that I never thought I would reach. Not because the weight is so astronomical, but because of the pain in my knees. You see, for the past 10 years or so, walking down a flight of stairs without holding on to a railing was very frightening to me, let alone the thought of doing heavy squats.

6 months ago when I found out that the ACL graft in my right knee from 2002, had failed, I’ve worked hard to strengthen my quads and hamstrings to keep everything as stable as possible. I started out slowly. I worked consistently and very hard. I did squats, step ups, lunges, deadlifts, extensions, and curls. I used the stair master, and consistently attended spin classes. Yesterday all that work paid off. I squatted 300lbs for 2 reps nice and deep (for me) with perfect form. Next goal: 350lbs.

Yesterday evening at Jiu Jitsu we worked on half guard. That’s always been a position that I felt very comfortable in. In the last 6 to 10 months I haven’t spent much time working it. I’ve been too preoccupied with sweeps and passing guard (which I still suck balls at). It sure showed. I couldn’t play my game for shit. White belts we negating my half like I’d never even played it before. It was very frustrating. Always a step backwards in Jiu Jitsu. Sigh… As long as my wife is home in time, I’ll be back at it tonight I guess.

3 thoughts on “Squats n’ Half Guard”

  1. Dude! That is freaking sweet for anyone to do! The point is that you have progressed and gotten better in spite of your set back with your knee! Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Dude! That is freakin’ awesome! You overcome a set back and have progressed into a higher level of strength and power. Good work sir!

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