I just started reading The Black Belt Blueprint by Nicolas Gregoriades.  I’m only 1 chapter in, but something that really hit home was him saying that some of the best training that he has ever done, is when he has been on the mats with his friends…  Hmmm…  That makes sense to me.  Maybe that’s what I’m lacking.

Anyways, when I am finished the book, I’ll try to give a review.  Please note, I have not done a book review since I was in highschool and even those were half assed (I barely passed).

2 thoughts on “Friends?”

  1. I wouldn’t be nearly as far along in my training if I hadn’t developed the great friendships I have had. Hopefully you find a good set of people to inspire you as well on the mats 🙂

  2. Rolling with friends has allowed me to me more experimental in my rolls. When I roll “jiu-jitsu acquaintances,” I’m much more conservative and deliberate. With friends, I try something and flop, and I’ll say, “well, that was dumb,” and we both laugh and now I gotta escape his/her attack.

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