Got Thrown A Screwball

I filled in and taught (taught is a subjective word) BJJ the other day.  I agreed to run the class the day before.  The Prof had somewhere to be.  I had my lesson all planned.  After warm up I was going to focus on various gi strangles.  I thought I’d so variations of the X choke from guard and mount, variations of the loop choke from standing and guard, and the bow and arrow choke.  A nice little lesson.  There haven’t been any newcomers to the class in a few months, so I didn’t think i would have to worry about that.  I made sure to post on the Gym’s Facebook page to “BRING YOUR GIS”.  I get there and find out that there are 2 brand new people and only 2 of the regulars brought their gi.  WTF???  Plus 1 guy from Muay Thai stayed for class.  He pissed me off in the first 5 minutes by not listening to me and doing his own thing.  UGHHH!  Anyways, I modified the class.  I think it worked out.  It was less than satisying though.

Yesterday some female friends convinced me to do a new group fitness class after RPM called “Body Shred”.  It’s similar to the Insanity workout.  When I walked in, the instructor let out a “Whooo Hooo! First man ever to take my class!”  The girls are no longer my friends…

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