Bring The Pain

Friday after some good rolls and a generally hard workout, I was sore but generally fine.  That night around 3:30 am, I woke with a searing pain in my right shoulder.  It was fine when I went to bed.  Anyways, It has been killing me yesterday and today.  So much so that I can’t lift my arm above shoulder hight laterally or forward without wincing.  This sucks!  Just one more thing that I need.  Grrr…  I’ll have to put my wolverine transformation and BJJ training on hold for a bit.  There’s no way I can train with any weight or intensity.

4 thoughts on “Bring The Pain”

  1. Nooooo!!! That sounds horrible I tore my shoulder last yr and have spent an age repairing the subsequent impingement, good news is targeted exercise has finally worked it’s magic

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