Adventure Ahead

For the last 10 years or so, I’ve felt that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to shred at a large resort/mountain again, while I can still ski the way I want.  What I mean is, my knee degeneration is going to force me to stop skiing so aggresively.  It’s a done deal.  Currently, there aint no going back.  Before long I’ll be stuck cruising down groomed beginner runs, and aventually, nothing at all with the plastic joints.  It’s coming.  Also, I don’t really have any friends so if I was going to take a trip, it would be by myself.  I can’t afford that.  It would be great to go with my wife and kids, but they are not strong enough skiers to go where I want. So I would be skiing alone…  Also, if I can’t afford to go by myself, I definately can’t afford to take 4 people.

I was lucky this past season to join up with some guys around here that are in to big production trips.  Not necessarily my thing, but they like to go to places that have fabulous skiing.  It seems that they are impressed with my skiing ability, so it looks like I will be invited on future trips.  It’s only May and we’re already planning the next trip.  lol.  I guess we must be addicted.  I must admit, it’s all I think about.  I’m like a junkie.  I get all warm and tingly inside when the planned trip comes to fruition.  And when I’m coming down, ie summer, I feel like shit.  So far it looks like we’ve locked up Big Sky for early January.  Also, Chile or Argentina is looking to be a go for summer 2015.  Oh man!  I’m excited!  lol

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