Rolling Around With Sweaty Men May 26, 2014

I forced myself to go to BJJ last night.  I just don’t feel like being there.  Conversely, I want to be good at it.  LOL.  These two things clash.  So I went.  I always feel like the odd man out.  I’m not really friends with any of the guys.  We’re just teammates/training partners.  I can’t really see myself hanging out with anyone in the club outside of work.  There’s too much of an age gap I think.  I don’t know…

Anyways, I made myself go.  I didn’t do too much drilling.  Just little bits and we practiced a couple of lockflows.  I was just kind of running through the motions, you know?  Eventually we got to rolling.  Professor wanted to roll.  He really only likes to do gi.  I had mine in my bag, so I put on the jacket and belt and gave him a go.  He’s massive and insanely strong.  I had to focus on feeling where he was trying to make me go and use that momentum to do what I wanted.  It worked ok.  I managed to get mount and threatened an Americana.  I was working a cross choke when the sweep came, but had an arm and I turned it in to an armbar attempt.  I spent the last-minute or two of the roll on the bottom.  I was able to escape all attempts at submission.  Phew!

My second match was against a lower skilled opponent.  I quickly transitioned through positions and go my one sub.  For the rest of the roll I would put myself in bad spots and work my way out.  I worked out of a head and arm choke, rear naked choke, and a triangle choke.

The third and fourth matches were against Sean.  I think I did ok.  I threatened a couple of arm bars and kimuras.  I also went for a shoulder crank from guard.  I was moving pretty well.  I got caught in a couple of darce chokes.  On the first one, I could feel myself going to sleep.  I wanted to let it go and have a nap, but my hand involuntarily tapped just as the blackness started to take me.  It was blurry and I lay there for a minute.  Nobody seemed that concerned so I just kept going.

Final match was against Jay.  After 20 minutes, I had nothing left to offer really.  So I just worked on escaping his attacks.  i couldn’t keep up with his speed.  We were both slippery as fuck as well.  He went for a couple of anacondas and guillotines, but I managed to get out.

Today I am sore and tired…

The end.

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