Goal Setting Guide by Dan Faggella

I’ve been reading Dan Fagella’s Goal Setting Guide.  I really like it.  The cool thing about this guide is, it translates well to almost everything.  I am hoping to use the ideas and principles he talks about, not only for my BJJ training, but also for my ski improvement.  Maybe I could use it for remolding my body as well, but I doubt I would stick to it…  LOL, I’ve already set myself up for failure.

Anyways, I’m at the hardest part right now; deciding what my goals should be.  I don’t want to be over ambitious.  I think moderation might be appropriate here.  My first step is going to be my determining what my strengths and weakness are.  If you’ve followed anything I have said here for any amount of time, it will be quite clear to you that coming up with what I consider strengths is going to be really hard for me.  When you truly believe that you suck at all aspects of life, giving yourself even a small compliment isn’t easy.  Nevertheless, I shall endeavor to list some technical, physical, and mental strengths and some areas that need improvement in the same categories.  The key is going to be not to compare myself to anyone, but to really reflect on my game, and what works for me.  After that, I will list 3 to 5 goals that I will work towards for the next 6 to 9 months.  I will then reflect on what I need to do to meet those goals.  For example, if one of my goals is to perfect the triangle choke, then meeting that goal may mean drilling the position 50 times per week.

It should be interesting.  I will write everything down in my journal and have a quick look at it to remind myself before every session.  Wish me luck!

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One thought on “Goal Setting Guide by Dan Faggella”

  1. Everyone has strengths. I know sometimes it can be hard to belive it but it is so true. Even if it is figuring out one small thing you do well. Your goal setting sounds like a great idea. Best of luck!

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