Training Journal May 28, 2014

Last night’s BJJ focus: You’re down one point/advantage.  There’s 30 seconds left.  In order to win, you’ll need to get that last-minute sweep or return to standing and get a quick takedown.  Your opponent isn’t trying to do anything but hold you on your back to squeak by to get the win.  It’s a common enough scenario, right?

The basic plot of the game was to do all you could, using frames and angles, to free up your hips and get a knee in, make space, and get back to your feet (I also went for last-minute sweeps).  The guy on top was to do nothing but pin your hips to the mat.  We did this in 2 minute rounds to simulate the last half of the match.  If the goal was achieved, reset and start over.  Everybody worked with everybody.  It was fun.  I was more successful than I thought I would be.  Bottom guard is one of my weaker positions.  I’ve never had great hip movement.  See the video above.  Sorry for the shitty quality video.  You should still be able to get the idea.

We also drilled from 4 points where you opponent has a tight turtle to avoid giving up any points for the last few seconds.  It’s actually pretty hard to move someone who doesn’t want to be moved when the are so compact like that.  Especially if they have a strong core and good balance.

To end the night, we did quick 3 minute rounds.  We would pick a position of disadvantage (I picked opponent on my back with hooks in) and work our way out of it.  The opponent could submit.  Once either player’s goal was achieved, a fresh opponent would come in.  Everyone had a round.  Good fun!  No sparring tonight.

The End

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