Punchy Punchy, Kicky Kicky

I trained Muay Thai last night.  Even though there is still swelling, discomfort, and a general fucky feeling in my knee, I made the decision to attend class.  My motivation was three-fold. 

Firstly, I really miss training at Grizzly Gym.  I wanted to go back last week, but my nervousness of potential injury to said knee, stopped me.  Since the surgery, things feel different.  It’s hard to explain.  The Dr. says that the ACL graft which I had done in 1996 is still holding, and that all he did was remove the bucket-handle tear.  However, things feel different in the joint.  It doesn’t feel as stable.  Maybe it’s because I had lived with the tear for so long.  I don’t know when it happened…

Secondly, I’m getting even fatter and more disgusting then I usually am.  I’ve been eating shitty and drinking a lot of beer (for me) lately.  I can’t even stand to see my reflection.  It’s repugnant in every way.  Flab flopping around everywhere.  Ughhh.  Disgusting!

Thirdly, I have been sleeping even less than usual.  I’m talking 4 hours a night of restlessness.  So I figured that if I went and did some punchy punchy, kicky kicky in the evening, it might tire me out enough that I would sleep well…  It didn’t actually work out as I had hoped.

Aside from all the negativity above, I was pleasantly surprised how my knee held up.  Of course, I was worried about kicking, but as it turns out, the only times I felt discomfort was when I was punching.  I’ve always been a stickler for technique in my Muay Thai, so I rotate my hips a lot when I punch.  I guess that puts a little torque on the knee that I’ve never really noticed before.  Anyways, class went well.  I was able to kick fairly hard; maybe 60% of my normal.  It felt really good to be punching and working combos.  I forgot how much I love Muay Thai.

I’m still to nervous to go back to Jiu Jitsu.  Kneeling is still very uncomfortable and the swelling doesn’t allow a full bend.  I’d be constantly worried about it, so I think I’ll give it another week and then re-evaluate.

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