My Triumphant Return

I got the following text from Professor Mike at 10:00 yesterday morning.

So I agreed to go. It would be my first time training since knee surgery. All day I thought about how it would go. Would I be able to move well? Would it be a hinderence? Would it cause me pain? Would I RE-INJURE it? All these things had me feeling nervous. On the way to training, I sent this message to my online pal, Gregg (he’s and very skilled, very knowledgeable purple belt in France).

After an hour at Grizzly Gym, I sent this to Gregg.

What a load off my mind. I answered all my questions. The biggie; I did not re-injure it. Of course that does not mean that I won’t have to be careful for the next while. I’m looking forward to my next opportunity to get on the mats!

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