Sept 6


I forced myself to go to the gym this morning. I didn’t want to go. I’m pretty much at the, “why bother fat ass” point. Anyway… I did a 20 minute moderate to hard bike ride followed by a 20 min Spartacus workout. My knees are killing!

If you’re interested in the Spartacus workout, google it. It’s easy to find.

The end.

3 thoughts on “Sept 6”

  1. That’s awesome that you still made yourself get up and go! ….and why bother?? Because one day, you will have reached your aesthetic goals and you won’t be able to call yourself that anymore! Don’t allow yourself to talk negatively about yourself like that. Stop the negative self talk, drive your butt to the gym, and kill it!! Even if it’s 10m,20m, or an hour. Just get in there and kill it. 🙌 you can do this!! Don’t give up.

  2. I so often feel like not going, if I’m tired or sick or whatever. But I always feel so amazing afterwards. I’ve just got to try and remember that part next time I don’t feel like going!

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