September 15, 2014 BJJ LOG

Monday night at Grizzly Gym, we went over a new lock flow.  It had been introduced last week while I was off nursing my shitty knees, so this was my first glimpse.  I like it so far.  It’s got a nice high guard, cross grip, knee sweep, an unorthodox armbar, and plenty of fun chokes.  I’ve taken the attitude that drilling the lockflows should be about taking your time and perfecting the techniques.  Too often, our little group rushes through them, not paying attention to the subtleties of the technique that could be make or break in a match.  I’m really going to encourage my partners to focus a bit more during the drilling.

Rolling was ok.  I had my ups and down.  First up was Prof Mike.  He gives me positions, lets me sit there fumbling about for a few minutes, and then smashes me back in place.  I didn’t really do anything in this match.  It was a little embarrassing.

My second roll was with a 4 stripe white belt, Josh.  He’s a young, strong, athletic kid.  His wrestling and balance are fantastic.  In fact, he pretty much blows through me now.  I can’t take him down.  I can’t stop him from passing.  I can’t sweep him.  I can’t submit him anymore.  My only saving grace is that my submission defense is better than his set ups and his submission tool box is limited.  Roll 2… thumbs down.

Lastly I rolled our newest blue belt, Wes.  I was able to work my spider guard game a bit.  I almost hit the spider guard to knee bar.  I transitioned to a toe hold but my grip slipped.  I ended on top and got a lapel choke.  After the restart, I shot for a double and he sprawled well.  I felt him slip is forearm under my chin.  I timed it so when he dropped back for the guillotine, I shot my legs out and used the momentum to pass.  He didn’t immediately let go so I started to set up the Von Flue.  He recognized it before i could finish.  The rest of the roll was quality back and forth.

Overall I had a good night.  The cardio was ok, and the knees held up.  Tonight`s nogi, but my kids have their first swimming lessons of the year at the same time…  The kids will most likely win.  The life of a Dad.

The end

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