Good Rolls

Last night I had some great success and some great failures. Lol. After a bit of drilling, I did 5 x 5 minute rolls with only 30 seconds rest between. I was EXHAUSTED! I only rolled with 1 newb. So there were few submissions and plenty of time was spent escaping.

My first match was with Josh. I found myself in his guard. I spent the whole 5 min trying to pass. I really need work on this. I came close once with a knee slide. I didn’t let him sweep until the last seconds of the match. It was a good roll.

Match 2 was with Sean. I got on top and passed (I think he let me). I went for a lapel choke but didn’t have a good grip. He tried to sweep and I threatened with an armbar/bicep slicer. He managed to get on top and put me in a triangle. I was ready for it and defended by locking my arms around his waist and put my head to the floor. I was patient and stayed calm. It was tight at first but it loosened. That’s where we ended. Good roll!

Match 3 was with Josh again. It’s just the was the numbers worked. I asked to start with him on my back. I defended the choke well and even an armbar attempt. I got my back to the mat and he got the mount. I worked at isolating his base on one side and ended up sweeping him. To side control. We ended there. Good roll again!

Match 4 was with a new white belt. I gave him an advantageous position every time we started. I got him with a bow and arrow choke and a banana split. The rest of the time I gave him little tips and defended his attacks.

Match 5 was against professor Mike. I started out in 50/50 and tried to come on top. I didn’t quite make it but I quickly tried for an armbar and triangle to omaplata. He shut it all down and came on top. He went for an ankle lock. I defended (barely) and went for my own. That’s where we ended. Great roll!

I’m looking forward to the next class!

The end.

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