Martial Arts Tattoos

I’ve made a consultation appointment to talk about getting a new tattoo.  I have a skiing themed tattoo on my left shoulder/arm already, and my children’s names on each forearm.  I’d like to continue towards a full sleeve with a piece that represents my martial arts training.  This is my idea.  A muscular, shirtless grizzly bear (for Grizzly Gym), standing on hind legs wearing traditional Muay Thai head band (mongkon), arm bands (prajioud), and hand wraps.  He will be in a strong fighters stance.  His lower body will be wearing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gi pants with a black belt (my ultimate BJJ goal).  He should look ferocious…  What do you think?

Here’s a link to some pictures and meanings of traditional Muay Thai tattoos.

4 thoughts on “Martial Arts Tattoos”

  1. I like the idea. Just as long as you can convey exactly what you mean to your artist, as it seems to have a lot of elements which need to be combined just right 😀

    dammit reading about other peoples tattoos makes me even more impatient for my next session!!

  2. I think it is an awesome idea, but agree with above. I would definitely bring in some pictures of grizzlies to your consultation so the artist can see your vision. Can’t wait to see it!

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