Shoulder Health in BJJ

Great read! I’m going through some pretty serious should pain at the moment. I know I must have injured it either lifting weights or on the mats. You know what aggravates it the most? The way I sleep. I wake up in agony from lying on it.

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Karl Green Sports Therapy

The shoulder is a common problem area in jiu jitsu. From general, non-specific aches after a long week of training to more serious injuries such as rotator cuff tears, it isn’t unusual to see multiple students on any given class with shoulder complaints. The causes can also be very diverse and aren’t limited to shoulder based submissions; day to day posture and your strength and conditioning routine can all contribute to the problem.

In this post, I’m going to cover some basic methods to avoid or minimise the risk of sustaining a shoulder injury when you’re on the mat.


  • Correct your posture

In my previous post on neck injuries, I touched on correcting poor posture to save the neck. The typical posture I am referring to is known as Upper Cross syndrome, where the shoulders are protracted forwards and internally rotated, the upper back is excessively kyphotic (slumped forwards)…

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