Give Me My Arm Back

Cobra Clutch or Million Dollar Dream
Million Dollar Dream / Cobra Clutch

Wednesday night BJJ at Grizzly Gym was about armbars.  Specifically, getting out of them.  Not avoiding, but that moment when you say to yourself, “Oh shit!  I’m fucked!”  That happens to me quite a bit.  It was really good practice.  Some of it was repeat learnin’ and some of it was stuff I hadn’t thought of before.  I got the chance to try it out during rolling, 3 times.  Once I actually let the man get me into a deep armbar set up, the other 2 times were unintentional.  lol.  2 of the 3 times I was able to use what I learned to escape.  I was pretty happy with that.

I was trying to get that nogi, baseball choke I keep seeing on the internets. It seems to me, and correct me if I’m wrong, that the best place to set it up and got for it is from bottom half.  I tried for it a number of times, but just couldn’t get the positioning.  I’m going to keep going for it because it looks like a pretty sweet choke.

Rolling was fun.  I actually almost hit a Cobra Clutch / Million Dollar Dream.  I went for it on Sean, but we were so sweaty, I just couldn’t get that last little bit.  He told me I was really close.  I could see it in his face.  lol.

The end

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