About Jits, Food, and Skiing… Sort of

In the last 2 weeks, I’ve been to Jits 2 times.  Either I’ve been at work, been too depressed to go, or everyone is away and there’s no class (our fighter Wes got his first mma win last night).  Next week I’m supposed to be getting a new tat, so that will take a couple weeks away from rolling as well.  No wonder I’m still a shitty grappler after 7 years.  lol  The picture below is going to be me if I make it that long. 34 years to go until by black belt!!!

74-year old earns black-belt

74 Years Old

I’ve been trying to eat healthy this week.  Paying attention to macros and the type of food I eat.  I was hoping for a little progress after 7 days, at the very least on the scale.  Nothing!  I haven’t touched and starchy carbs, eaten a lot of green veggies, and pounded the protein.  I am hungry as fuck for some good food.

Let’s see…  What else?  Tremblant is open now.  I guess I could take a trip there and get some turns in.  i don’t know if my car would make it.  It needs about $1000 worth of work.  Fuck…


The end


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