Sore Hands

My hands are exceptionally sore today.  Last night, I just couldn’t keep my grips.  I don’t know what was going on.  Every time I tried to keep a strong sleeve or collar grip last night, my fingers would ache to the point where I had to let go.  I was rolling with Josh and I was trying to set up a spider guard sweep and I just let go.  I said to him, “Fuck! my fingers are killing me.  I can’t keep a decent grip!”  With a giant grin he replied, “That’s good to know.”  He immediately shut down all my attempts at any sleeve grip without any worry.  Sigh…  Lol.  It was still a great roll.

We did quite a bit of drilling, reviewing several lock flows and working on some shoulder throws and front face locks.  I also had a very satisfying match with Sean.  I was in real danger once (baseball choke), but did a good job to work my way out.  I feel I pressured well and threatened a couple of chokes myself.  Like I said, very satisfying.

The end

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