Back On The Naproxen

My knee really swelled up while I was away skiing. So much so, that I could only bend it about 90 degrees. That didn’t stop me. I still blasted down the mountain time and time again.

I took a bit of time to rest it after I got back, but the swelling hasn’t subsided much. I decide to go to BJJ last night to see how it would hold up. I hadn’t been since before the new year, so I was itching to get back on the mats.

Class was small. Only 3 of us. As soon as I started working some Lockflows, I could feel the pressure from the swelling. I tried to ignore it. I did some tentative takedown matches, some guard passing/retention matches, and had a couple of full rolls. Today it was quite sore. So, I made a conscious decision to get back on the naproxen. I’ll go hard on it for a bit and see if that helps. 🙂

The end

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