Please Tap Before You Go To Sleep

This is from UFC 140: Jones vs Machida

Good times at Grizzly Gym last night.  Some fun techniques learned by all.  A newer man learned a valuable lesson about tapping during TRAINING.  Yep…  He went to sleep.  That’s the loudest I’ve ever heard anyone snore that has been choked out.  Admittedly, it doesn’t happen very often at Grizzly Gym.  The core group of guys know better.  You never know how someone will react when they come to.  I lightly held the arms of this man, just in case he came up swinging.  It’s happened before.  The moral of the story is… TAP PEOPLE!  IT’S ONLY TRAINING!

The end

One thought on “Please Tap Before You Go To Sleep”

  1. I put a couple of people to sleep at the tail end of last year. I’d never done it before, because A) I’m sensible, and B) The people I train with are sensible.

    However, ego reared its ugly head when I got my purple belt. One purple belt and one blue belt outright refused to tap when I had them both deep in chokes. I could have let go, but my own ego told me not to, a side of me I didn’t like. (Ezekiel on one, and bow & arrow on the other). I let go as soon as the pair of them went all glassy eyed, and started snorting.

    Since then, I’ve been locking up chokes (giving them a taste), then moving on. Training position over submission, as it’s not something I want to repeat.

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