Wednesday Night Nogi

What a great time!  I love it when the mats are crowded.  That being said, we don’t have a lot of mat space.  So when I say it was crowded, there 8 people at class.  🙂  We spent most of the night working on an omoplata roll and arm bar attempt to reverse triangle choke.  I helped out a bit with the newer guys.  I don’t mind in the least.

Rolling was great!  With the newer guys, I was able to work on some back takes that I’ve had going through my head.  They…kinda worked…  lol.  As always, I try to work techniques that were learned/practiced before rolling started.  That reverse triangle was working well.  I got a nice little round of applause for hitting it.

After a long roll with Sean, I felt really good about my Jiu Jitsu.  I hope it stays.  I want nothing more than to feel that I actually deserve the 3 stripes on my blue belt.

The end

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