I Let Myself Down

I skipped BJJ last night.  Of course, today I feel like a bag of shit for doing so.  It’s funny how easy it is to justify skipping when you’ve spent the day at work and you’re tired, only to spend the next day cursing yourself for being such a pussy.  Anyways… I’ll have to wait until Monday now to train.

I’ve been thinking about changing up my workout at the gym.  I’m tired of the traditional weight lifting.  Although I do like the feeling of being strong.  I’d like to add TRX Suspension training into the mix.  I’m not really sure how to make a routine or what exercises to do as I’ve never even touched one.  Any recommendations/tips?  I still want to keep some heavy deadlifts and squats (if my knees ever settle down) in my overall plan, but I’m thinking a kettlebell workout 1 day, a TRX workout another day, and a squat/deadlift workout for a 3rd day…  What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “I Let Myself Down”

  1. Big fan of TRX and lots of workouts/ideas on the internet and youtube. Just like anything though, be smart about what you do – ust like any lifting you watch online, there’s some crap form being posted. You’ve been around though so I trust your judgement!

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