Do You See What I See?

I think that a BJJ student breaths a sigh of relief when he/she starts to see submissions that are different from the norm.  What I mean is, we all know what a typical arm bar or choke looks like, but when you are rolling and all of a sudden you see something and it’s like, “I have pressure on this side of the neck, all I need to do is get some sort of pressure on the other side and it will be a choke!”  Last night I had one of those moments.  Truth be told, they’ve been coming fairly frequently.  This makes me happy!

So I’ll set up this submission that I hit last night.  Follow me if you can.  lol.  I was rolling with Josh.  We were having a pretty good roll.  Lots of scrambles by me to try and get out of his awesome top pressure and passing ability.  I controlled his posture in full guard and spun for an omaplata on his left shoulder.  I got it locked quickly and blocked him from rolling.  I punched my legs forward and sat up.  Before I could get all the pressure on his shoulder, he sat up to his knees.  Now, I had a good lock on the shoulder, Josh wasn’t getting his arm back.  In attempt to block the omaplata or some sort of kimura, Josh stepped over my body and over his own arm with his left leg.  So I still had the shoulder/arm locked with my legs and now he was reverse mounted on me.  I straightened his arm and saw that he elbow was against his own calf.  I turned his thumb so his arm was in optimal hyper extension position.  Then I made a brace on his wrist with my right arm and scooped his left ankle with my left arm.  So essentially I used Josh’s own leg to arm bar him.  lol.  We laughed about it.  He didn’t want to tap and I could tell.  I told him that I’m sure he didn’t, especially seeing as how it had been a while since I submitted him.  He’s been catching my from time to time over the last 6 months.

Also, last night’s class marked the first time that Josh ever led a session.  He did a great job!  He had a lesson planned out.  He didn’t try and do stuff that he just googled.  It was really fun.  He’s a very good wrestler so we worked on proper position and defense for the single leg, and a couple of half guard passes that he usually makes work.  He did some timed drills, and ended it with 5 minute rolls.  All in all, it was a really fun night!

Completely off topic, I’ve been thinking about starting a podcast…  Just a little weekly one maybe, 15-25 minutes in length.  Not about anything in particular.  It would really just be for me.  I don’t have anyone to talk to really (other than my awesome wife).  Sometimes I feel like things get all bottled up…  Not sure…  I’m technologically stupid so if I can figure out how to do it with just my iphone, then I might give it a go.  🙂

The end

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