Globetrotter USA Camp!

USA CampI really want to go to this.  It’s so close to my home.  Well, relatively close.  I don’t have to hop in a plane.  Only 7hrs away!


I feel really anxious though.  I wouldn’t know anyone there.  I’d be a loner (as usual).  I know that BJJ people are good people (for the most part), and are really easy to talk to.  Talking is one thing.  Sharing accommodations with complete strangers is another.  Truth be told, I’ve never been good at meeting new people or making friends.  I’m that guy that stands in a corner quietly at the parties, or stands at the bar just watching.  I REALLY want to go.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to overcome these feelings or not.

3 thoughts on “Globetrotter USA Camp!”

  1. I’ve been on two of their camps in Denmark. Same feelings of apprehension. They have been two of the highlights of my life. Everyone is totally cool, a lot of the people won’t know anyone either but you all will by about half a day in. Dude, just go! You will love it. Here’s my photos from my two trips:

  2. Hey, I’m that person too and I just signed up for a comp I will be completely alone at (no coach, no friends, no nobody). If this mouse can be a Warrior for a weekend, so can you! Don’t stand in your own way (easier go say than do so it’s a good thing I’m saying AND doing)! Go, go!!

  3. I mean this with more compassion than you might think, but man the F up. =) Jits is a perfect sport for the introverted, you’ll barely have to chat with people until after you beat each other up and break the ice. Let us know how it goes.

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