I Don’t Know What To Do

The reality of my BJJ suckage is this;  I don’t get on the mats very often.  As we all know, in order to be good at BJJ, which should be attainable by the majority (I could be in the minority), you need to get on the mats often and consistently.  It’s not that I intentionally skip class, but I have too much life going on.  I have a shitty job where I work a different shift and different days off every week.  I have kids whose needs over shadow my BJJ needs (rightly so), and I have a wife that I like to spend time with occasionally.  Added to that, the number of BJJ classes at GG are few (compared to other gyms), and the turnout is very small.

This week I reached out to a man who runs another BJJ school in my community.  It is quite a bit bigger and has many more students.  The reason I reached out to him was because they have several noon classes through out the week.  GG has a pretty good relationship with this guy, mainly because he is so nice (I don’t like it when schools fight).  Anyways, I asked him about attending the noon classes.  He gave me the price list.  I asked about drop ins but he said they don’t do that.  I understood why when we talked about it.  Basically they don’t want people that only occasionally show up because it’s hard for the core group to have to wait for people that aren’t consistently learning the curriculum.  Also, he’s trying to run a business.  I totally get it.

I don’t normally think like this.  But the idea of leaving GG to go to this other place has been entering my mind.  I would be basically paying the same.  Maybe a bit more.  And I would have access to noon classes, evening classes, and open mats every week.  The part of me that wants to learn BJJ says go for it.  But the part of me that is comfortable at GG says to not.  Also, for some reason I feel obligated to remain loyal.  I don’t know what to do…

The end

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