Victoria Day Monday

I covered BJJ class last evening.  It was a hot, muggy, Victoria Day Monday.  I didn’t figure anyone would show, But I wanted to train so I volunteered to cover.  Mike was away.  I assume he was spending the holiday with his daughter.  Anyway… I had a couple things planned that I wanted to work on.  Only 1 person showed.  He was really new, so I had to modify what I wanted to do.  Oh well.

The techniques I wanted to try were all things that I’ve seen Marcelo Garcia teach online.  Good stuff.  Hook sweep variations, standing passing with step around and knee slides.  I’d also planned on working some submissions from mount, but I think they were too advanced for my lone student.  So we spent time on the triangle choke and the philosophy of being able to get it from many different positions once you understand the basic theory.

I think he was happy with the class.  We ended with 1 round of rolling.  Not exactly the training I wanted, but what are you gonna do?

The end

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