Why should you work a season?

It was the best time in my life. All I think about is going back and doing it again.


The answer is simple…. you will have THE best time of your life, no doubts about it. If that isn’t enough to persuade you then here’s a comprehensive list of short and snappy reasons why a winter season is for everyone:

  1. There is no age limit on a season, most will assume that a chalet job is suited to the 18 year old gap student (like myself) but you will be surprised how many 40, 50, 60 years olds take up doing seasons. The chef in my chalet was actually 45 on unpaid leave from her job just to get out of London for the winter.
  2. You meet friends for life. Sharing a room, working together, skiing together, drinking together and doing everything in between together and you you make it to the end of the season without murdering each other? There’s definitely a strong bond there.
  3. Networking, within…

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