Friday Night Open Mat

Last night at Grizzly Gym we had a little open mat fund raiser to “Keep the Rhino Rangers Safe“.  Unfortunately nobody outside of Grizzly Gym showed up.  Sad really…  We don’t ever seem to be able to get many to show up for open mats.  Maybe 1 or 2, but generally it’s just us club guys.  Nevertheless we had some good rolls.  At least, I thought it was good.  I did 9, 5 minute rounds.  That may not seem like much to many, but for me… ughhh… my body feels like shit today.  I tried to start the majority of the matches on top, working my passing.  I was pretty happy with the way things went.  I did lots of submitting that I don’t normally do, and I got submitted a lot less then I normally do.  Good times.

The end

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