What Was I Thinking?

Last Saturday (August 8,2015) I competed in Grappling Industries’ round robin BJJ tournament at Ryerson University. It was literally a last minute decision to come out of retirement. Now that it’s over, I can safely say, “What was I thinking?”

I performed horribly. First off, I had to lose a couple pounds. I signed up for Masters>blue belt>171lbs-190lbs. The last time I competed, I was near the bottom of the weight class. This time I had to lose a bit to make it.  Secondly, I hadn’t trained that much. Work, family obligations, and just life had limited the amount to times I could make it to the mats. Thirdly, as I’ve stated several times, I suck at Jiu Jitsu. All those things combined should have made me not even think twice about registering.

Match 1:

First of all, there was a bit of fuckery before I hit the mats.  My division got called to mat 3 about an hour before the scheduled time.  I wasn’t even in my gi yet.  I rushed to put it on and ran to the mat.  I was not warmed up at all.  I’d been sitting there for 15 min when the organizer came over and said that we would have to wait.  Mat 1 was way behind schedule and he was moving matches to mat 3.  No problem.  I went and started a slow warm up.  I’d been warming up for 90 min when I said decided that the schedule was fucked and I’d just relax until my division was given notice.  So I lay down and listened to music.  About 45 minutes later, a man (who would turn out to be my first opponent), came running up to me and shouted, “What’s your name?”  I answered and he replied, “C’mon! We’re up!  Let’s go fight!”  Again no proper warm up…

I started out ok.  I got a good trip and landed in top half.  2 points.  He worked his way back to full guard.  I dropped for an ankle lock but he blocked and came up on top.  2 points for him.  After a scramble, I shot for a double and he tried to guillotine.  No dice.  I blocked and stepped around his legs.  Side control, 3 points.  I moved to mount.  4 points.  Now it’s 9-2.  I held mount for a bit trying to pin an arm.  He bumped and rolled.  I went for a really shitty arm bar and he came on top.  3 points.  He passed, 3 points.  We ended up standing again and I went for a modified Tomoe Nage.  Didn’t work.  There was a scramble and he ended on my back with 1 hook…  That’s where it ended 9-8 for me.

Match 2:

What a snooze fest.  He held me down and I couldn’t get up.

Match 3:

Even more of a snooze fest.  I took his back in the last 30 seconds to squeak ahead.  I went for a lapel choke but couldn’t get it.

Match 4:

My specialty.  DQ from a leg reap!  Whoo hoo!

Match 5: – Tie break

So after all those shitty matches, I was tied for second place.  We had a tie break.  It was a super boring match. A lot of standup.  He finally got a late take down and that’s how it ended.  On the plus side, you get to see all my flab flopping around as my gi really comes open.

I ended up 3rd out of 5.  What a poor showing  Barely any submission attempts.  Stuck on my back.  Just shitty all around.  Does it look like I am almost a purple belt?  lol  Give me a break, right?  Anyways, if you watched all those, sorry.

I had signed up for nogi as well.  I was going to pull out but Gregg King convinced me to remain.  I really didn’t want to keep embarrassing myself.  Luckily there was only 1 other man registered in my divisions.  Turns out he got injured and pulled out!  Great.  No further embarrassment.

The end


2 thoughts on “What Was I Thinking?”

  1. You’re still being so fucking hard on yourself man. You said yourself you weren’t training, had to cut weight, and didn’t get properly warmed up.

    You’ll get there, keep going!

  2. Stepping up to the plate is the hardest part to test yourself. Don’t sell yourself short…

    Takes balls… tones.

    Either you win or you learn. Never a loss.

    Truth is, I only level up in skills after a loss.

    Great job!

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